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After 2 years of a long-distance relationship between Germany and the United Arab Emirates, we moved into our first home in the desert of Dubai in 2016. Since then, a completely new chapter began for both of us. We knew that the story which connected us, was not exactly that of a storybook, but it inspired many people.
The desire for more than just a "normal life" and the need to travel the world brought us to New Zealand in 2017. It was one of those evenings when we were plagued by jetlag and we spent the night with watching YouTube videos.
We watched a couple documenting their travels on YouTube and inspiring millions of people.
That is exactly what we wanted and desired for so long. In that second the idea 'Love Life Passport' was born.
"Love" stands for our unconditional love, "Life" for the lifestyle we are allowed to live and "Passport" is a synonym for the goal to fill our passports with the stamps of this beautiful world.
In 2017 we travelled to 56 countries and about 62 cities.
True to the motto "Don't create, but document" we started our YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a short time later a common Instagram Account @lovelifepassport. Immediately, we started to document our common path and show other people the world through our eyes. We made our passion to our profession and every day we do what we love the most.

For us there is hardly anything that makes us happier than to travel the world together. Travelling opens our world view, it lets us think bigger, inspires and teaches us every day new, creates unbelievable memories and enriches our life in an unbelievable way. With Love Life Passport we’ve created a project which motivates us every day to pursue our dreams and work ambitiously on our goals. But this project isn't just about us, it's about motivating thousands of people to do the same. Everyone should follow their dreams! Life is too short to be limited and not to do the things you love the most.
We live according to the motto: life with no excuses, 'travel with no regrets' and we want to use social media to carry this motto to the outside world and to give it to everyone, so everyone can live it too.

We are happy to be on this journey together and can't wait to share our experiences with you!

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