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Positano is a small, beautiful place on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The small coastal village is situated at a wonderful bay and is one of the most instagrammable places (as one would say in social media language ;-)) or simply one of the most photogenic places ever because of the many colorful houses, narrow alleys, which are leading down from the mountain to the beach, cute boutique hotels, shops and restaurants.
We spent one day in this wonderful place and fell more than in love... but unfortunately only with the beauty of Positano, not with its inhabitants. Read on to find out how you can make a perfect day in Positano and what a negative aftertaste this trip brings with it.

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After the weather was quite hot for us, we didn’t want to miss, to eat a typical Italian ice cream! We have also the opinion that a good ice cream should not be missed during a visit to Italy. So, go to the next ice-cream parlor (there are definitely some in and around Positano) and treat yourself to a good portion of ice cream!


What could be more beautiful than spending the afternoon on a boat and looking at the Amalfi Coast from a different perspective? We rented a boat directly at the beach. The price was about 200€ for 2,5 hours. Because sometimes tourists here are also cheated on, your negotiating skill is in demand. So never accept the first price.
We went by boat from Positano to Amalfi, sunbathed, went swimming, made some photo stops (especially on the way back from Positano - the view from the sea is indescribable!) and were back in time for the sunset.

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To watch the sunset, we found at a bar a small and hidden balcony, from where we could watch the sunset perfectly. We love especially the non-touristic places, where you can enjoy everything much more.
INSIDER TIP: Go to the RADA Restaurant (to the left of Marina Grande Strand) and ask if you can watch the sunset from the balcony of the bar. We were taken up by the exceptionally friendly receptionist, although the restaurant was still closed, we could see the sunset from there all by ourselves. An absolutely priceless moment!
Those who want to eat more extraordinary, will be in the right place for dinner in the same restaurant! You get Mediterranean food served there and the view of the illuminated Positano is incredibly beautiful.
If you prefer a casual atmosphere, you can choose one of the numerous restaurants along the alleys. We do not recommend to visit any of the restaurants directly at the beach, as they are overcrowded by tourists and you can sit much more comfortably in the small hidden restaurants.

Dance the night away

If you want to have some fun and dance, you should definitely go back to the RADA restaurant mentioned above, because there is a very cool and stylish club on the ground floor - MUSIC ON THE ROCKS. The club is built into a cliff and is an absolute hotspot, especially for international audiences.


It's about time for bed. We have put together a small selection of possible hotels for you:

  • Hotel Marincanto
  • Casa Buonocore
  • Il San Pietro di Positano
  • Torre Trasita
  • Le Sirenuse Hotel
  • Palazzo Murat
  • Zahlreiche Airbnb’s

Otherwise, cheaper alternatives can be found outside of Positano, e.g. in Praiano or Ravello.


Now there are two possibilities: REPEAT or travel to the next great place on the Amalfi Coast.

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Despite the beauty of this breathtaking coastal town, we don't have only positive things to say.
Unfortunately, we had some negative experiences, which are owed particularly to the inhabitants and/or staff members in Positano. Most of the people were incredibly unfriendly, arrogant and sometimes disrespectful. Basically, we are very relaxed in this aspect, as we have already experienced a lot through many of our travels and therefore we would not make the topic public this way, if it had not been really negative for us. Especially the employees of the hotels and restaurants were incredibly unfriendly and even if you asked a very nice question, you got a snotty to disrespectful answer, especially as most of these people don't speak English and aren't willing to try at least...
Finally, we can say that we fell in love with this place. This wonderful Italian flair is absolutely incomparable, the food is fabulous and the photo spots are never ending. But we also have to say that the unfriendliness of the people there, debunks a basically perfect day. Nevertheless, we can definitely recommend Positano or the whole Amalfi coast as a destination.
Thank you for reading this article. Let us know in the comments whether you have already been there and perhaps had other experiences, or whether you have planned a trip to Italy.

Lots of love,

Tayler und Anika

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