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We were not really into Las Vegas, the largest city in the desert state of Nevada. Nevertheless, due to a huge event in December 2019, it took us there. As you can probably imagine, despite our very short stay there, we still so have so much to tell. We’ll tell you know now, why you have to see the city that everyone associates with gambling, sex, drugs & rock'n'roll at least once in your life .

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If you're wondering if Las Vegas is really as crazy as you know it from movies and TV, all we can say is YES and it's even crazier. In fact, the city lives up to its reputation, and gambling, alcohol and drugs are definitely not coming too short there. In hindsight, we must honestly confess that Las Vegas did not make it onto our list of top destinations, but it the visit was worth it.


Since Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, the climate is accordingly very dry and hot and there is neither a rainy season nor a hurricane season. The summers are very hot up to 45 degrees Celsius and in the winter months (December to February) it can cool down to 10 degrees Celsius (even up to 1 degree Celsius at night). Since it was really cold during our trip (first week of December) and it even rained for 2 days we recommend you to visit Las Vegas in spring, April and May or in autumn (September and October). At this time, the temperatures are between 25 and 35 degrees and there are almost no rainy days.


We actually compared relatively long prices for this flight, as we only wanted to book a one-way ticket and they are usually much more expensive than return tickets. Frankfurt Main International (FRA) is the only airport in Germany from which you can fly directly to Las Vegas, otherwise you have to expect at least one stop.
Lufthansa and Condor are the two airlines that offer direct flights to LAS (Las Vegas International Airport) and since the Lufthansa prices were crazy, we finally decided on a flight with Condor, which was also really cheap. We paid about 270, - Euro per person. However, if you plan your trip there, keep in mind that the Condor does not operate on a daily basis to Las Vegas.
The arrival in the metropolis is already an absolute highlight; In the middle of the desert, suddenly a glittering and sparkling city rises. That’s crazy! :)
In terms of accommodation, we recommend choosing one of the many hotels on the Strip, on the most famous street with all the top sights in Las Vegas. If you are in Vegas then please choose something in the middle of Vegas. It's best to just compare the prices on various booking portals and we are sure that you will find something very cool in the middle of the hotel facilities.

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We've probably never got lost as often as in Las Vegas - haha. Since most of the attractions are located directly on the Strip, we recommend you to do everything by walking, because that's the quickest way to go. A lot of walkways even lead through the casinos and hotels, which can be really confusing at times, especially because you can not always rely on Google Maps. Please download the offline map from Google Maps in case of loading issues.
If you want to take a transportation by wheels, we recommend UBER. This will definitely get you the fastest and cheapest from A to B ... Or just take the helicopter :), but more on that soon !


We heard a lot about Las Vegas before our trip, but we did not expect it to be that extreme. Whether in the morning at 7, in the afternoon at 3 or at 12 at night, the casinos are jam-packed at any time of the day or night, alcohol runs on tape and since every hotel lobby itself is a huge casino, you never really know what time it actually is. When we went to breakfast at 8 o'clock in the morning after the first night and saw people everywhere who tried their luck with roulette and co. With a cigarette and beer in their hands, we thought we were in the wrong movie, but that's actually on the agenda there.
Well, in the evening, of course, we also gambled a few dollars, but since we really had no luck and the money was gone faster than we could watch, we stopped after a short time ... well, it could have worked ! : D What keeps many people really long in the casinos are the free drinks. You can order all drinks and everything you pay is a self-imposed tip. In this sense: PROST!

By the way: On average, about $ 630,000 per day is spent in just ONE casino.

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This is just a simple, very big street in the middle of Las Vegas. But at night, an absolute hotspot and basically the main attraction of the city. Everything lights, flickers and glitters and much resembles in an big freak show. They animate tourists and invite them to the many glamorous events and strip shows. Even the adrenaline junkies will not come too short, because the Las Vegas Strip even has a huge roller coaster that runs through the city.

Mirage Hotel, Bellagio, Bellagio, Bellagio (Siegfried & Roy), Bellagio (the gigantic water games in front of the hotel)), Caesars Palace, the Venetian (a bit of Venice in the middle of Las Vegas), Paris Las Vegas (also the Vegas Eiffel Tower not missing), Excalibur (replica Disney Castles), Luxor Hotel (The Pyramid) and many more.

TIP: We likes the strip the best, because the contact with the lovely Paula, we were able to experience a Sunset Helicopter Tour over the Strip. If you feel like it, we recommend Papillon. To fly by helicopter over the Strip, the hotels are light up,while the sun sets slowly for us, it’s an absolute highlight. But we will tell you about our biggest highlight of this journey right now. :)

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Of course, on your first trip to Las Vegas you can not miss a particular photo: the typical photo in front of the famous Las Vegas sign. This can be found about 15-20 minutes walk from the Strip.
If you really want to take a picture there without waiting in a long queue, we can only recommend you to be there at sunrise, because during the day many people are there and you have to wait a long time until you are finally there to shoot your picture. Although you can meet one or two Elvis during the day, who also likes to sing for you, but for the perfect photo you should still come early in the morning.

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We both probably looked forward the most to the nearby Grand Canyon, which was also our absolute highlight at the end of our Las Vegas trip.
There are countless ways to visit the Grand Canyon, we decided on another helicopter tour with landing in the canyon and we loved it. Again, we can recommend Papillon as a provider for your trip. Various tours are offered, both by helicopter and by a small plane. Depending on the tour, the departure airport is different (we had to go to Boulder City, about 45 minutes from Las Vegas), but in most packages your transport is already included. We did a very classic Grand Canyon Heli Tour, where we were able to enjoy great views over the Hoover Dam and the western part of the Grand Canyon. The top of it is the landing directly in the canyon next to the Colorado River.
Nothing except the unique nature, absolute silence, the helicopter and you. UNFORGETTABLE !! The pilots even serve snacks and drinks there, and you'll have plenty of time to grab a lot of photos.

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Now that we have experienced this natural wonder ourselves and seen it with our own eyes, we can recommend to everyone the heart to visit the Grand Canyon once in a lifetime. We really want to come back again and do a complete tour with overnight in the Canyon.

As you can see, Las Vegas from the top, or the nature around Vegas, was the best. And although this metropolis in the middle of the Nevada desert is not one of our favorite destinations, this trip was a true experience, and we strongly believe this city must have been seen by everyone. Even if you are not interested in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is an absolute MUST SEE and an experience you should definitely take with you.

We recommend a Las Vegas trip (a few days there are enough by the way completely) to combine with a road trip to California. For cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego can be combined great on a trip.

We'll tell you about our absolutely exciting time in Los Angeles in the next blogpost!

Stay tuned beautiful people!


Tayler & Anika

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